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Lake Merritt Fountain

"...A cozy, friendly town,

'Specially when peaceful rains come falling down.

Summer's gold or Autumn's brown.

Spring's early fashions all around."


We are the community affairs television program that spotlights the "movers, shakers, and image makers" of the Oakland community.

We are fortunate in that our television program can be seen on many cable systems and can be tuned-in with
"DIGITAL rabbit ears", on KMTP-33.1

Many of our programs are available for streaming via this link to our YouTube channel and you can follow us on Facebook
Shows available for streaming will be indicated on the following pages of our website.

Currently, our show may be seen Saturday mornings @ 11:30am on KMTP-33.1 DTV.

For more information about our guests and our various discussion topics, click-here.

If you or your organization would like to be a guest on our show, please contact us via telephone or by e-mail.

Any and all comments are greatly appreciated.
(You will be graded on grammar and punctuation.)

As a courtesy to our viewers...We feel that the Internet is a very useful forum. However, BEWARE of unscrupulous opportunities which may venture your way. The Federal Trade Commission has provided us with this information which you may find of some importance...and you thought no one was watching.

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